Science Reporter Notes August 2017

August 10, 2017
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Science Reporter August 2017

Heaviest Satellite

  • Isro launched most powerfull Satellite GSLV-mk -III ( GSAT-9 / FAT BOY ) in to the geosynchronous orbit. And it designed to carry 4000 kg in to GSO.
  • Actually india depends on the European space agency for heavy launch of INSAT class of satellite of 3.5 ton which insure a cost of ₹800 crore.But possible for india in only 350 crore.
  • One side have its core liquid booster and a cryogenic upper stage.
  • SPECIFICATION as simple module , lesser noise, lesser accelerator level, lesser propulsion system.

BY THIS TECHNOLOGY , India’s capabillity to launch heavy satellite at low costs could make india an important and reliable player in the global satellite launch market.

Science Reporter August 2017
Science Reporter Notes August 2017

Junior nobel prize

  • A annual competition for young talent in science, reward named as junior nobel prize.
  • This year two Indrani das and Arjun ramani accupied first and third place in competition. Also three other in top 10.
  • After tackleing the procedure 40 just selected among 300 then by an interview gives a list for top 10 spots. Every 40 got 25000 us dollars.
  • First rank prize 2,50,000 us doller second rank prize 1,75,000 us doller while third 1,50,000 us doller.
  • SecondprisewinnerAARON YEISER (18), Research on the new mathematical method to solve partial differential equation on complicated geometrices.
  • ARJUN RAMANI(18), Researchonblending the mathematical field of graph theory with computer programming to answer questions about networks.

Science Reporter August 2017

The Chalk

  • Scientist have done a good job as for situation i.e. there are 2 crore teachers in india uses 2kg chalk per total 20000 tones chalk is using.
  • So make a new technology for it and give a new formula to factories for this type of chalk with less break in the middle and with brightness .

Science Reporter August 2017

Try to find solution of Diabities

  • Due to higher presence of methylglyoxal (MG) in people causes the Diabetes.
  • There has been a very little effort to qualitify the MG level in Blood and Food products.
  • Presently researchers are working to find a technique for MG level.
  • Reaserchers in shashtra university in tamilnadu developed a sensor for measuring level of sugar derived substances.

Science Reporter August 2017

Lifelong Pacemakers !

  • Biological Super Capacitor – Scientist designed energy storage system which works on charged ions from body fluid like blood ,serum, urine etc. called the biological super capacitor.
  • these are the surgical implanted in to the body to give steady pulses to the heart.
  • previously they work on batteries which has validity of 5 to 12 yrs.
  • but by this research only super capacitor can work for more time.

Science Reporter August 2017

IS the TIGER burning bright ?

  • Around 1900 there are 1,00,000 tigers in the world.
  • but in 21st century.
    large scale cutting down of forest for agriculture and industrilisation.
    poaching of tigers for commercial gain.
  • there are only 3890 wild tigers in the world in 2016.
  • Tiger was prevented from going into Oblivion, forest ecosystem would collapse.
  • So, the first tiger summit in St. Petersburg , Russia in 2010 decide to celebrate 29 july as International tiger day.

Science Reporter August 2017

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