BA Second Year Economic Geography Syllabus

February 16, 2019
Category: Syllabus

Economic Geography is a course of BA 2nd year in most of the Universities. In this article, We will see the syllabus of economic geography which is it teaching in the most of the universities of Uttar Pradesh.


Unit 1

  • Nature, Scope and development of Economic Geography
  • Major concepts -Economic landscape
  • Stages of economic development
  • Economic activities (Primary, secondary, tertiary quaternary)
  • Resource-concept and classification.

Unit 2

  • Soil and major soil types
  • Forest types and their products
  • Agricultural Land use
  • Locational theory by Von Thunen
  • Distribution of principal crops
  • Production of principal crops
  • international trade of principal crops
  • Agricultural regions of the world by Whittlesey.

Unit 3

  • Marine resources and Aquaculture
  • Major Fishing Areas, their production and trade
  • Nature of Occurrence, distribution, production and trade of minerals Iron ore, Manganese, Bauxite, Copper, Mica and Gold (in major producing countries)
  • Power Resources Production and utilization of coal, Petroleum,
    Hydroelectricity and atomic energy

Unit 4

  • Locational factors of Industries and their relative significance,
  • Webers theory of Industrial location.
  • Types of industries,
  • Location patterns and development
  • trends of Manufacturing industries-Iron and steel, Textiles, Ship Building,
    Sugar, Paper and Chemicals,
  • Major Industrial regions of U.S.A. U.K. and Japan.

Unit 5

  • Means and modes of transport-major trans continental railways, International
  • Air and Sea routes; inland water ways (Panama and Suez Canals);
  • Changing pattern of international Trades,
  • Major Trade organizations and trade blocks
  • COMECON, EFTA, ASEAN, NAFTA, OPEC- their objectives and trade



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