BA First Year Physical Geography Syllabus

February 19, 2019
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BA First Year Physical Geography Syllabus


  • Lithosphere Nature and Scope of Physical Geography
  • Geological Time Scale
  • Origin of the Earth
  • Interior of the Earth
  • Origin of Continents
  • Origin of Oceans
  • lsostacy
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  • Geosynclines
  • Mountain Building with special reference to folded mountains
  • Concept of Plate Tectonics


  • Rocks-their origin
  • classification and characteristics,
  • Earth movements
  • Folding, Faulting and Wrapping
  • Weathering and Erosion
  • Cycle of Erosion by Davis and Penk
  • Drainage Pattern
  • Evolution of Land forms by River, Wind, Glacier and Underground water.


  • Atmosphere
  • Composition and Structure of atmosphere
  • Insolation
  • Horizontal and Vertical distribution of temperature
  • Atmospheric pressure and winds
  • Air-masses and Fronts
  • cyclones and anti-cyclones
  • Humidity, precipitation and rainfall types
  • Major climate types- Equatorial, Monsoon
    Mediterranean, West European and Hot Desert


  • Hydrosphere : Ocean Bottoms
  • composition of marine water-temperature and
  • Circulation of Ocean water-Waves
  • Currents and Tides
  • Ocean deposits
  • Corals and atolls
  • oceans as storehouse of resources for the future


  • Biosphere Components of Biosphere
  • Plants and animals evolution
  • dispersal and distribution
  • Biome types and Zoo-geographical regions
    of the world
  • Biosphere as a global Eco-System

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