BA First Year Human Geography Syllabus

February 19, 2019
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BA First Year Human Geography Syllabus

BA First Year Human Geography Syllabus


  • Concept and Nature ; Meaning, Scope and Development of Human
  • Man and Environment relationship-Determinism, Possibilism, Neodeterminism
  • Probabilism
  • Basic principles-Principle of Activity or Change
  • Principle of Terrestrial Unity or whole


  • Habitation (Population and Settlement)
  • Distribution of population and world pattern
  • global migration – causes and consequences
  • concept of over population and under population
  • Human Settlements – Origin, types (Rural-Urban) characteristics, size and
  • House types and their distribution with special reference to India.


  • Economy Evolution of Human Economy ;
  • Sequence of human occupance,
  • Primitive Economics-Food gathering, Hunting, Pastoral herding, Fishing,
    Lumbering and Primitive agriculture.
  • Later major innovations and their impact.


  • Society and Culture Evolution of man (Australopithecus, Homo Erectus,
    Homosapiens. Man’s spread over the earth during the Pleistocene)
  • cultural Diffusion,
  • Cultural realms.
  • World Human Races-Classification, Characteristics and Distribution.


  • Population Tribes : Some typical modes of life of world Tribes-Eskimos,
    Kirghiz, Bushman, Masai, Semang and Pygmies
  • Habitat
  • Economy and Society of Indian Tribes-Bhotias, Gaddis, Tharus, Bhil, Gond, Santhal, Nagas (with reference to their present-day transformation)


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