BA 2nd Year Comparative Government and Politics Syllabus

May 11, 2019
Category: Syllabus


This paper exposes students to the leading model constitutions of the world. The effort is also to cover leading constitutions of major continents viz. North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. These constitutions are to be studied in light of the political processes to gain understanding of the dynamics of actual politics and policy making in these countries.

Course Content:

  1. Governments: Parliamentary and Presidential, Unitary and Federal.
  2. UK: Socio-Economic Foundations, Conventions and Traditions, The Crown,
    Cabinet System, Parliament, Party System, Judiciary.
  3. USA: Socio-Economic Foundations, President, Congress, Supreme Court and Judicial Review, Party System.
  4. Peoples’ Republic of China: Socio-Economic Foundations, National Peoples’ Congress and its Standing Committee, President, State Council, Peoples’ Courts and Peoples’ Procurators, Minority Rights, Role of the Party.
  5. Nigeria: Socio-Economic Foundations, President, National Assembly, Supreme Court, Minority Rights, Party System.


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