BA 1st Year Basic Principles of Political Science Syllabus

May 9, 2019
Category: Syllabus


This is an introductory paper trying to expose students to some basic ideas and concepts in
Political Science. Effort has been made to orient students to the methodological and
ideological traditions in political science. The importance of feminist perspective has been

Course Content:

  1. Concepts: Politics and Political Science, Political Thought, Political Theory, Political Philosophy, Political Ideology.
  2. Behaviouralism and Post-behaviouralism.
  3. State: Definitions, Elements, and Theories of the Origin of State
  4. Liberalism, Idealism, Anarchism, Marxism.
  5. Sovereignty: Austin’s Theory, Pluralist Theory.
  6. Power, Authority and Legitimacy.
  7. Liberty, Equality, Justice.
  8. Rights, Duties and Citizenship.
  9. Democracy: Representation and Participation, Civil Society.
  10. Feminism.


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